The Benefits of Having Therapy

Anyone can come for therapy, regardless of their age, race, sexual orientation, gender or religious background. 

In therapy, we consider your relationship with yourself on the inside – for example, your patterns of thinking, how you talk to yourself, your emotional and physical landscape.

In building self-awareness, you can improve your self-esteem, self-compassion and confidence, and deepen your sense of personal power.

At the emotional level, you can recover from traumatic experiences, learn how to manage difficult emotions, such as anger, grief or fear, and grow a sense of emotional wellbeing and self-trust. You can also heal your relationship with your body.

We will look at your patterns of behaviour - those that work for you and those that don’t. By making changes in how you act in the world, you can learn to manage stressful situations, increase your assertiveness and develop strategies to achieve what you want in your life.

Therapy can lead to a deeper and more satisfying relationship with yourself, which is the foundation for creating better relationships with other people. Many people see improvements in their communication and intimacy skills through being in therapy.

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