Psychotherapy & Counselling, Sessions & Costs

East Grinstead Practice:

My practice room is two minutes walk from East Grinstead station. Sessions are 50 minutes long and usually at weekly intervals, especially if you are new to therapy. Fortnightly work may be possible for those with some experience of counselling.  

I offer Skype and phone counselling too, for those who can't attend sessions due to disability or living circumstances, and also to fill in if you have to miss a session, or if you need a more flexible schedule.

In my East Grinstead practice, and by Skype or phone, I charge £55 per session, with some concessions available to those in need.

Sheffield Park Outdoor Work:

Sessions take place on Tuesday mornings at Wo Wo Campsite in Sheffield Park. They are organised more like a mini-retreat and are effectively a double session, either fortnightly or monthly. This enables a deeper dive into the work you wish to bring. These sessions last for 105 minutes and cost £110.

Payment is by cash or cheque at each session or can be by bank transfer by prior arrangement. Bank transfer is not available for Assessment Sessions.   


Confidentiality is important. Information given by clients is treated within clear professional boundaries and in strict confidence.

How are sessions arranged?

East Grinstead practice:

The first step is to book an assessment session, after which we can decide whether to work together.  You may want to go away and think about it before you make a decision.

Then we will agree on when and how often to meet. If you are new to therapy, this will usually be weekly at first.  

We will agree on a number of sessions to work for, and review the work after this point.  At this point, you may feel you have got what you needed and are ready to end, or you may decide to move into ongoing work together.

When you feel you are ready to end, it is very important to talk about this in advance and make a plan together for the ending. Please give me at least a week's notice if you feel you are ready to end.  Abrupt endings can lead to difficulties with unfinished business, so it can be important to give the ending some dedicated time.

Sheffield Park Outdoor Work:

These sessions are arranged less formally. Please contact Miche for details on 07527 188405 or using the contact form here.

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