Counselling for mothers

New Mothers

Becoming a mother is one of the most profound life experiences that a woman can go through. Many women find that all areas of their life are irrevocably changed. For some, this transformation can be painful, confusing and de-stabilising. Many new mothers feel isolated due to changes in their social connections and the overwhelming needs of babies and children. Perhaps you are experiencing:

  • Grief following miscarriage or still-birth
  • Overwhelming changes to your body
  • The aftermath of a traumatic birth
  • Sleep-deprivation
  • Changes in your relationship with your partner
  • Loss of personal freedom and overwhelming feelings of responsibility
  • Difficulties bonding with your baby
  • Feelings of isolation and desperation
  • On-going health issues following pregnancy and birth
  • Feelings about your own childhood
  • Difficulties in adjusting to not being at work
  • Loss of your previous identity
  • Post-natal depression

Counselling can provide you with a safe and confidential space to remain in relationship with yourself through your transformation into motherhood and to feel held by someone, whilst you get on with holding your baby.

If you are a new mum, you are welcome to bring your baby to counselling sessions for the first few months of your baby’s life. This generally works up until your baby can crawl, but varies depending on your little one’s temperament. We can discuss and make decisions about this together.

Ongoing Issues in Mothering

Perhaps you are past the ‘new mum’ stage, but are experiencing difficulties in your relationship with yourself, with the mothering role, or in the relationships around you. Perhaps you are wrestling with the competing needs of work and family or maybe you have found yourself single-parenting when you didn’t plan to. Whatever is going on for you in your role as a mother, counselling may help you find some perspective and a way through your current situation, so you can be both the mother and the woman you want to be. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how counselling can help.

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