Counselling for feelings of worthlessness / low self-esteem

In my practice, I see a common thread behind many of the issues that people bring to counselling and psychotherapy, that of having low self-esteem. Feeling that we are not good enough, that we are worthless and being constantly self critical can lead to other issues such as depression, anxiety, sexual issues, relationship problems and difficulties at work.

Low self-esteem often has its roots deep in childhood. Not being seen or heard, feeling unloved, or being criticized by authority figures such as parents, teachers, peer groups or our religion, can lead to lasting feelings of unworthiness and difficulties with being confident. Low self-esteem can also occur after a traumatic event e.g. an accident, or a huge change in life circumstances, such as redundancy, divorce or a bereavement.

Developing self-esteem means building healthier patterns of how you treat and view yourself. This usually takes practice and patience, but it is possible and can have enormous benefits in all areas of your life. In counselling and psychotherapy for self-esteem, I offer a programme of ongoing support so you can:

  • Feel seen and heard for who you are
  • Break the habit of comparing yourself to others and begin to appreciate your unique characteristics
  • Grow the ability to be assertive
  • Enjoy and appreciate your body
  • Be more confident in social situations
  • Love and accept yourself
  • Live the potential that you know you have

To find out more how counselling for self-esteem might benefit you, please contact me on 07527 188 405 to arrange an appointment.

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