Counselling for Anxiety and Managing Panic Attacks

I see many people, for counselling in my practice who are struggling with feeling anxious. Sometimes the cause of the anxiety is known, but very often the underlying reason isn’t immediately apparent.

Perhaps you are suffering with a sick feeling in your stomach, hot flushes, a dry mouth, your heart and thoughts racing, or never feeling able to relax and be at your ease. You may even have experienced panic attacks, where you feel dizzy, disorientated, heart pounding, unable to catch your breath and/or feel scared you are having a heart attack, or going mad. Panic attacks can occur out of the blue, seemingly for no reason, and they can feel very frightening. The good news is that, although dramatic, they are not dangerous, and they can be treated successfully in talking therapy.

Feelings of anxiety can also commonly be associated with depression, phobias, obsessive thoughts, or compulsive behaviours. In counselling for anxiety and panic attacks, I support people to:

  • Understand the roots of their anxiety
  • Manage anxiety using cognitive restructuring, breathing techniques and muscular relaxation
  • Reduce the frequency and severity of panic attacks
  • Feel happier and more relaxed

Please feel free to call me to discuss how counselling for anxiety and panic attacks might benefit you.

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