Counselling for Bereavement, Loss and Grief

Being bereaved can give rise to a number of issues and strong feelings, which can be hard to understand and difficult to manage. People don’t always know what to say, leaving us feeling lonely and isolated, at a time when human contact can feel most needed. Seeing a bereavement counsellor can help.

Bereavement counselling provides a space to work through the complex layers of thought, sensation and emotion associated with death and dying. There is no set time in which to ‘get over it’ - the process is different for everyone. It is common to experience some of the following; shock, disorientation, rage, grief, overwhelm, inability to concentrate, numbness, loss of appetite, guilt, anxiety, inability to sleep, physical symptoms, fear of death, disruption to family systems. Counselling can help you find a pathway through your experience of grief. It can be useful whilst someone is dying, in the time after death and even years after experiencing a loss.

Grief and loss are not always associated with a death. Perhaps you have lost your job, your children have left home or you are going through divorce. Counselling can help you with your experience and support you to move on to the next phase of your life, when you are ready.

If you would like to discuss how counselling and psychotherapy might support you, please give me a call on 07527 188 405.

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