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Hello and Welcome to Humanistic Psychotherapy. My name is Miche Tetley Briers and I am a psychotherapist with a Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice in Central Brighton and East Grinstead. I provide a professional therapy service, with a personal and friendly outlook, to adults and young people over 14 years old.

Counselling & Psychotherapy are ‘talking therapies’. People seek help for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps you are struggling with feelings of hopelessness, are in some sort of crisis, or maybe you know that something isn’t working for you in your life. Having a safe and confidential place to discuss your experiences with a skilled helper can support you to understand your options, develop strategies to cope and create positive changes in your life. (Read more about the Benefits of Therapy.)

My work is Humanistic in orientation, which means I believe that all human beings have the potential to live rich and satisfying lives. My role is to help people discover their path towards the potential in them that already exists. This is an optimistic approach, which concentrates on supporting health, well-being and satisfaction. Some clients wish to explore their history in more depth. Others prefer to work on improving their day-to-day wellbeing in the present day. My working style makes both possible.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling tends to be time-limited and is suitable for people who want to deal with something specific e.g. bereavement or panic attacks. Being able to talk about experiences and share the burden with someone who is not a family member or a friend, can provide a great deal of relief in many situations. In Counselling, space is given for expressing feelings, developing coping strategies and exploring choices for moving forwards. Sometimes this can mean working in a structured and goal-orientated way. The intention is that clients emerge feeling refreshed and clearer about their options.

Psychotherapy tends to be on-going and takes place over a longer time period. It is suitable for people who wish to look at several issues at once, considering their life more broadly and deepening their awareness and experience of themselves. It is particularly suitable for those who experience recurring issues, such as relationship problems, emotional difficulties or repetitive behaviour patterns, and for those who experienced childhood difficulties e.g. physical or sexual abuse, bullying or abandonment. In Psychotherapy, the work can feel more fluid and exploratory, and we work with whatever arises in a session. The intention is that clients emerge with a deeper sense of who they are and a greater ability to act effectively in the world.

If you would like to discuss whether Counselling or Psychotherapy might benefit you, please give me a call on 07527 188 405.

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